YONEX VCORE 98 (305G) 2023


YONEX VCORE 98 (305G) 2023

$309.99 CAD

Available in 1-3 days or 5-7 days

Yonex VCORE 98: Evolution in Racquet Technology

FIRST OF ALL, The 7th generation of the Yonex VCORE 98 2023 offers a more refined experience to tennis enthusiasts. With a softer feel and revamped geometric design, players can enjoy an expanded hitting zone around the upper hoop. This innovation translates to increased stability and an enhanced sweet spot.

SECONDLY,  The frame's geometry has been meticulously adjusted, adding an exquisite feel to every swing of the Yonex VCORE 98. SIF grommets make a debut, featuring a silicone oil infusion that reduces friction between the string and grommet. The outcome? Strings that move seamlessly, delivering a crisper feel and unleashing additional power.

THIRDLY, Compared to its predecessor, the 6th generation, this Yonex VCORE 98 showcases reduced stiffness, ensuring greater feel and minimizing arm shock. It proudly retains the acclaimed 2-NAMD FlexForce Graphite, granting uniform flex at both the top and bottom of the racquet.

Boasting a 98-square-inch head, this model caters to both baseliners and versatile players. In essence, the Yonex VCORE 98 2023 is a dream for aggressive players, promising power-packed shots every time.

FINALLY LET US TALK ABOUT THE Yonex VCORE 98 (305g) 2023 Tennis Racquet Specifications:

  • Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm.
  • Length: 27 in.
  • Strung Weight: 11.3 oz. / 320 g.
  • Unstrung Weight: 10.8 oz. / 305 g.
  • Balance: 6 Pts. Head Light
  • Swingweight: 319
  • Flex: 62
  • Beam Width: 22.5 mm / 23 mm / 21 mm
  • Composition: HM Graphite / 2G-Namd™ Flex Force / VDM
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
  • Tension: 45 - 60 lbs.
  • Grip: Yonex Synthetic

YONEX VCORE 98 (305G) 2023

$309.99 CAD

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