Extracurricular Activities





Marcotte Sports also offers its
professional services dedicated to the activities of
racket sports during the day
pedagogical and during regular days
(noon and end of the day).

you can make a reservationBALL
for a day in association with
the physical education teacher. Whether
full day or half day
(morning or afternoon), we invite you to
communicate with us to learn
any further.

Learning the basics of tennis is the
specialty of Marcotte Sports. We have more than
twenty years of experience in the field of
teaching tennis, whether in a complex
sports, in a city and even in schools. All
our coaches benefit from continuous training
and they are also all holders of a
certification issued by Tennis Quebec.
Contact us now to take
knowledge of the range of possibilities that we
are able to offer you.

We have the possibility to accept all children
of primary level (1st to 6th year) during our
activities. However, a minimum of four young per
grouping of two levels is necessary.
For example, there must be four young people from
first and second year so that the latter
can take part in activities. It is the same
for higher levels.
This type of fun-oriented activity allows
parents to register their children of different ages and
to promote mutual aid among young people. A minimum
of four participants is required for the activity
can take place.

Our main goal is to inspire young people to
participate in activities of all kinds in order to
develop their physical and technical skills.

Promotion of racquet sports in schools
des Basses-Laurentides is the main objective of
Marcotte Sports. The priority of our company is
to inspire young people while passing on our
passion for racquet sports and so doing
the disciplines of the day! Thanks to our team
professional and seasoned coaches we
are the benchmark in terms of teaching
racket sports in the area.

For a sixty minute session, a fee of $ 12.99 +
taxes per child apply. If you choose the
reservation of six sessions, the price will be $ 9.99 + taxes
per participant (per session).

Our activities are offered every day from morning to
evening. Contact us as soon as possible to
take note of our availability and
make your reservation

Francois marcotte
1947 rue angèle,
Saint-Jérôme (Qc), j5l 1b5
Office: 450-565-5634
cell: 450-543-0035