Racquet Customization Services



Racquet Customization Services

Now at Marcotte Sports, we can customize your racket to personalize it to your game.

Today, snowshoes are entitled to a manufacturing tolerance during their shaping; the weight can fluctuate by +/- 7g, while the scale can fluctuate by +/- 7mm.

For example: for two identical rackets with equal weight of 300g and 320mm of balance, the first can weigh 293g, while the second can weigh 307g. Also, the balance can vary from 313mm to 327mm. The difference is therefore considerable and can greatly affect your game!

From now on, Marcotte Sports offers you the possibility of remedying this and making your rackets identical in all respects.
This is called Racket Matching

We can customize / modify on demand according to your preferences

The weight
The balance
The swingweight, the inertia of your racquet*
This is personalized preparation

You can therefore ask us for simple customization (the "matching of rackets") or complex customization of rackets (the personalized preparation).

The customization of your snowshoes takes place in three stages:

Measurement of your racquet: Weight, Balance, and Swingweight*.

— Swingweight represents the inertia of your racquet. Indeed, for a player with a wide gesture and, there is no need for rapid inertia.
On the contrary, a player with a short and slow game will need fast inertia.

You need additional information or advice, please contact us without delay and take advantage of our expertise.