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After a few weeks of testing Yonex Poly Tour Pro our team couldn't help but marvel at how far polyester strings have come. As you will glean from our comments, what separates this string from earlier generations of polyesters is both the friendlier feel and longer lasting playability. Thankfully, the control we've come to expect from polyester was there in spades. Our two playtesters were able to achieve maximum stroke speed without having to worry about the ball flying unpredictably. The freedom to swing big not only made it easier to finish points, it gave our testers increased access to spin, resulting in some heavy balls with explosive bounces. Our power hitters were also impressed by the fact that Poly Tour Pro held its crisp feel a little longer than comparable strings, providing a controlled response long into the playtest. Ultimately, as with many of the newer high-tech co-polys, this string finds a way to offer a little extra comfort and playability without sacrificing the amazing control for which polyester strings are known.