HEAD RADICAL NITE 2024 - Marcotte Sports Inc
HEAD RADICAL NITE 2024 - Marcotte Sports Inc
HEAD RADICAL NITE 2024 - Marcotte Sports Inc


$269.95 CAD
Available in 2 to 4 days

Introducing the HEAD Radical Nite, the pinnacle of pickleball paddle innovation. Crafted with SpinFusion technology, this paddle offers unparalleled grip on the ball, enhancing your control and spin. It’s designed to cater to players of all skill levels, making it an essential addition to your pickleball gear.


  • Materials: PP + CF
  • Thickness: 15 mm / 3/5 in
  • Weight: 230 g / 8.1 oz
  • Length: 419 mm / 16 1/2 in
  • Width: 188 mm / 7 1/2 in
  • Grip Size: 105 mm / 4 1/8 in

Cutting-Edge Technology

SpinFusion Technology

The HEAD Radical Nite is equipped with SpinFusion technology, ensuring a superior grip on the ball. This feature enhances your control and spin, allowing you to play with greater precision and finesse.

Thermoforming for Consistent Performance

Thermoforming ensures consistent performance and heightened pop, empowering players with every shot. This technology guarantees that each strike you make is powerful and reliable, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Injected 8S Resin for Shock Absorption

The paddle's Injected 8S resin provides advanced shock absorption, reducing vibrations for a smoother, more comfortable experience on the court. This feature is particularly beneficial for players who play for extended periods, as it minimizes fatigue and strain.

Ideal for All Skill Levels

For the Seasoned Pro

Experienced players will appreciate the advanced features of the HEAD Radical Nite. Its precision and power enhancements make it an excellent choice for those looking to dominate their matches and improve their game even further.

Perfect for Novice Players

Novice players will find the HEAD Radical Nite equally beneficial. Its user-friendly design and forgiving nature help beginners develop their skills quickly, making the transition to more advanced play smoother.

Enhancing Your Game

Elevate Your Skills

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice player, the HEAD Radical Nite elevates your game to new heights. Its innovative technology and superior design help you perform at your best, enhancing your skills with every game.

Dominate the Competition

Embrace the future of pickleball with the HEAD Radical Nite. This groundbreaking paddle is engineered to help you dominate the competition, giving you the tools you need to excel on the court.


The HEAD Radical Nite pickleball paddle is a game-changer for players at all skill levels. Its cutting-edge technology, superior materials, and thoughtful design make it a must-have for anyone serious about pickleball. Invest in the HEAD Radical Nite and experience the ultimate in performance, comfort, and control.


$269.95 CAD

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