DUNLOP TF 24 CX200 TOUR 16x19

DUNLOP TF 24 CX200 TOUR 16x19
DUNLOP TF 24 CX200 TOUR 16x19
DUNLOP TF 24 CX200 TOUR 16x19

DUNLOP TF 24 CX200 TOUR 16x19

$269.95 CAD

Available March 6 days

Experience unmatched control and power on the court with the Dunlop CX 200 Tour 16x19 2024 tennis racquet. Its Sonic Core with Infinergy technology offers superior rebound and dampening, while reducing vibrations for an arm-friendly swing. Enjoy enhanced spin, stability, and shock absorption, all in a bold red design. Dominate your opponents with this fast and powerful racquet.


  • Balance head light
  • Composition Graphite
  • Grip Dunlop Synthetic
  • Head Size 95 sq. in.
  • Length 27 in.
  • String Pattern 16M x 19C
  • Technology Sonic Core with Infinergy
  • Tension 45-65 lbs
  • Weight 310g
  • Item # 103084
  • Style # 10349664
  • Revised string pattern with wider cross strings for more spin and power.
  • Updated frame shape improves stability in the face and throat of the racquet.
  • Concave area inside the hoop increases string movement for more spin, power and swing through.
  • Adjusted stiffness for longer ball hold, racquet stability and greater control.
  • For heavy-hitting tennis players who want to smash aggressive shots confidently.
  • Control-oriented players who want to place their shots accurately on the court.
  • Powergrid Stringtech+ pattern with wider cross strings for increased spin and power.
  • Control Frame Geometry modernized frame shape improves racquet stability.
  • Concave area at the top of the racquet decreases hoop stiffness for a longer ball hold on the strings.
  • Upgraded box shape increases frame stiffness to improve stability and control.
  • Vibroshield increases dampening effect for arm-friendly comfort.

DUNLOP TF 24 CX200 TOUR 16x19

$269.95 CAD

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