DUNLOP FX 500 LITE 2023 - Marcotte Sports Inc
DUNLOP FX 500 LITE 2023 - Marcotte Sports Inc
DUNLOP FX 500 LITE 2023 - Marcotte Sports Inc
DUNLOP FX 500 LITE 2023 - Marcotte Sports Inc


$249.95 CAD

Available in 1-3 days or 5-7 days
  • Head Size: 100 sq. in MP
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: Strung — 10 oz / 283 g Unstrung — 9.5 oz / 270 g
  • Tension: 45-65 Pounds
  • Balance: 1 Pt Head Light
  • Beam Width: 23/26/23mm
  • Composition: Sonic Core with Infinergy / Graphite
  • Flex: 67
  • Grip Type: Dunlop Viper Dry
  • Power Level: Medium
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 18 Crosses
  • Mains Skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H
  • Two Piece
  • No Shared Holes
  • Swing Speed: Slow, Compact Swing
  • Swing Weight: 300

With the 2023 edition, the FX 500 continues to be Dunlop's ultimate all-around racquet and is suitable for a wide variety of competent players from intermediates to advanced players looking for a punchy modern racquet that fuses power, comfort and spin.

The headsize at 100 square inches provides a blend of control and power with a forgiving feel. Coupled with the headsize, the open string pattern has a lively feel with easier access to spin. The weight being slightly heavier than average at 10.6 ounces (unstrung) brings added swingweight for increased power potential and bigger return of serves. Its head-light balance (unstrung) increases your ability to move the frame quickly, an important factor in generating power as well as being conducive to fast movements at the net for game-changing volleys. The beam thickness varies along the frame providing optimized power and comfort characteristics.

Enhancing the above physical characteristics of the frame are the core technologies Dunlop has implemented into the materials that make up the racquet. With the 2023 edition, Dunlop has enhanced the flexibility of the frame thereby providing a more forgiving and comfortable feel. Dunlop has also adjusted the grommet system to enhance the power characteristics to increase overall energy return across the string bed. This combination of updates should also balance out the slight power reduction from the additional flexibility of the frame. For enhanced comfort, Dunlop has maintained their Sonic Core technology strategically located at the 2 and 10'oclock areas of the racquet's hoop for reducing unwanted shock at impact when hitting in the upper area outside of the sweetspot. Additionally, Power Grid String Tech optimizes the string layout for a larger than usual sweet spot with enhanced spin potential.

Combined with the core technologies, the FX 500 brings great spin potential with forgiving feel and explosive power for an all-around attacking game. With the 2023 updates, previous generation players will appreciate the additional comfort found during impact while maintaining its overall swing feel. This racquet should prove popular among Dunlop's racquets due to the sheer versatility that would make many players happy with its overall performance.


$249.95 CAD

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