Dunlop Blitz Attack 2.0

Dunlop Blitz Attack 2.0 - Marcotte Sports Inc

Dunlop Blitz Attack 2.0

$199.95 CAD
Available March 6 days

Dunlop Blitz Attack 2.0 is the perfect padel racket for the advanced padel player. The rough texture ensures greater rotation for increasingly incisive shots, the hybrid shape and the balance in the center guarantee power and control.


  • Shape: teardrop
  • Thickness: 38mm
  • Weight: 365 gr
  • Balance: medium
  • Frame: graphite
  • Surface: graphite
  • Core: EVA
  • Finish: rough
  • Protective tape along the frame which ensures a longer life
  • Wrist strap
  • Player level: advanced
  • The racket does not come with a cover


  • Open Frame (OF)
  • Specific mould design with openings in the base of the frame to provide greater aerodynamics for quicker reaction time and greater swing speed.
  • Graphite (G)
  • Super-thin layer of pure graphite with an amazing strength to weight ratio for superior performance in all shots.
  • PRO EVA (PE)
  • Medium density EVA that ensures power, control and comfort.
  • Extra Grip (EG)
  • Get a more penetrating boost thanks to a textured finish on the surface of the racquet for more spin.
  • V-Holes (VH)
  • Dunlop’s unique hole pattern in “V” shape designed to offer maximum grip on the ball in all attacking shots for more penetrating winners and greater control of the ball.

Dunlop Blitz Attack 2.0

$199.95 CAD

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