The Gamma Obsidian 16 racquet: control, power and style in one.

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Pickleball is a sport that requires the right equipment to reach its full potential on the court. The Gamma Obsidian 16 racquet is one such exceptional tool, designed to give players a competitive edge. With its aerodynamic design and unique features, this racket is an ideal choice for those seeking absolute control and exceptional performance. In this article, we'll explore the racket's design, its benefits, and its availability in different thicknesses of 16 mm and 13 mm.

Racquet design

The design of the Gamma Obsidian 16 racket is the result of extensive technical expertise. Tapered edges allow players to position the racquet exactly where they need it, when they need it. By reducing drag with its specialized edge design, the racquet offers increased swing speed, giving its user a critical advantage on the court. What's more, its raw carbon hitting surface provides incredible spin, capable of sending opponents to all four corners of the court.

The racket's slim profile offers a generous sweetspot, enabling players to exploit its full potential at all times. Feedback from the slim design allows precise adjustment of the power needed to eliminate opponents and win the game.

The long handle works in concert with the ergonomic grip to facilitate maneuverability. These features offer players a racquet with exceptional reach, control and responsiveness, perfectly suited to strategic minds. Whether you're playing singles or doubles, you'll keep your opponents guessing about your next move. Opportunity and strategy are your style of play, and the Gamma Obsidian Pickleball racquet is here to support you.

Benefits of the racket

The Gamma Obsidian 16 racquet offers many advantages for pickleball players, making it an exceptional choice for improving their game on the court. First and foremost, the racket's aerodynamic design allows for improved maneuverability, enabling players to easily adjust their positioning and make quick, precise movements. This enhanced maneuverability offers a strategic advantage, as players can react quickly to balls and take control of the game.

Another major advantage of the Gamma Obsidian 16 is its raw carbon hitting surface. This surface offers exceptional grip on the ball, generating incredible spin. As a result, players can hit shots with greater precision and control, sending the ball exactly where they want it on the court. The ability to produce effective rotation is essential in pickleball, as it helps to destabilize opponents and place the ball strategically to gain a tactical advantage.

What's more, the Gamma Obsidian 16 racquet features a slim profile, offering players a generous sweetspot. This enlarged sweet spot makes it easier to achieve a precise, powerful shot, even when the ball is slightly off-center. This means players can fully exploit the racquet's potential with every stroke, maximizing power and control.

Finally, the Gamma Obsidian 16 racquet is designed to offer an optimal balance between power and control. Players can benefit from increased hitting power without sacrificing ball control. This balance enables players to vary their game according to the situation and adapt to the different strategies employed by their opponents.

The difference between 13 and 16 mm

The Gamma Obsidian racket is available in two different thicknesses: 13 mm and 16 mm. These two thicknesses offer slightly different characteristics to suit players' preferences and playing styles.

The 13 mm version of the Gamma Obsidian racquet is an excellent choice for those seeking a slightly firmer feel and crisper racquet response. This thickness favors a balance between power and control, giving players a solid, precise feel when hitting the ball. The 13 mm version also generates increased power and speed, which can be advantageous in certain playing situations.

On the other hand, the 16 mm version of the Gamma Obsidian racket is slightly thicker, giving it a softer feel and increased touch. This thickness allows players to feel the ball better and control spin, which is particularly useful for those looking to maximize their spin potential. What's more, the 16 mm version offers extra stability when hitting, which can contribute to greater accuracy and confidence on the court.

Ultimately, the choice between the 13 mm and 16 mm versions depends on the player's personal preferences. Some will prefer the firm feel and increased power of the 13 mm version, while others will opt for the smoothness and enhanced control of the 16 mm version. Whichever thickness you choose, the Gamma Obsidian offers top-level performance for pickleball players.

The controversy

The Gamma Obsidian 16 racket was at the heart of a recent controversy in the pickleball world. A shocking situation arose at a tournament where Sarah Ansboury, a player using this racket, was disqualified after her racket failed an on-site delamination test.

The racket was tested after her quarter-final match against Lina Padegimaite and Lacy Schneemann. The racket was declared non-compliant due to delamination. The controversy raises questions about the reliability of racquet testing and the need for a clear, transparent policy to avoid such problems in the future.

In a video posted on Instagram on April 23, Ansboury claims that all the racquets of the players in the quarter-finals were tested and that his racquet had been approved before the match, but both racquets were challenged after the match. They failed the post-match test. She points out that this is not a delamination problem, but that it does fall into that category. In short, it seems problematic that a player can be disqualified because of a racket that was tested and approved just before the match. Clearly, there are still aspects of the racquet testing situation that need to be clarified. It should not be concluded that this racket is illegal for use in professional tournaments.


The Gamma Obsidian 16 racket is available from Marcotte Sports, either in physical stores or on their in-house website, at a cost of $199.95 before tax. The Gamma Obsidian racket is available in two different thicknesses: 13 mm and 16 mm. Players can choose between these two options to select the thickness that best suits their preferences and playing style.

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