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The Concorde Ultra-Fast Jump Rope is a great skipping rope for rotational speeds. With comfortable and easy-to-grip handles, quick rotations, and PVC-covered wire cable, this skipping rope is perfect for a smooth cardio workout.


The Concorde Ultra-Fast Jump Rope is the perfect solution for advanced personal training, sports conditioning and boot camp cardio workouts. The cable skipping rope features PVC-covered wire cable, non-slip handles and precision ball bearings to ensure maximum rotational speed and smoothness. 9′ skipping rope length.


  • High Speed: Allow for fast rotational speed, resulting in less friction and restrictions when spinning.
  • Anti-Slip Handles: Features advanced foam handles for a firm and comfortable grip, allowing for an increase in speed while jumping.
  • Top Quality: Constructed of a durable PVC-covered wire cable for top rotational speed.

Why You Need It:

Incorporating a Jump Rope is an incredible efficient cardio workout. This rope is perfect for the advanced jumpers, looking to shred fat and ramp up their speed.

How It Helps:

The Ultra-Fast Jump Rope offers you additional grip and extreme rotational speed for optimal results.

What You Can Do With It:

These Jump Rope is will make crossing moves, double unders, and even triple unders more achievable. Great for all gym and home workouts, Crossfit, WODM MMA, and professional Boxing training.