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Every kid can be a super hero in one of our Super Kid pinnies! Durable red or blue nylon measures 16” in length and 9” across torso. Elastic webbing at waist. Each pinnie features a detachable cape (held in place by Velcro) that measures 19.5” in length.



Super Man On The RUN

  • Half of the group are Super Heroes with the pinnies on and the other half are Dastardly Villains trying to cause havoc.
  • Dastardly Villains are standing behind a line at one end of the play area. (home)
  • Super Heroes are scattered all over the gym.
  • Captain of the Dastardly Villains leads his/her brood for a walk looking for trouble
  • The leader of the Superheroes says: "Run Villain Run!"
  • All Villains run trying to return to their home.
  • All TAGGED Villains become reformed Super Heroes.
  • Continue until there are no Villains left.