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ALU Power Spin is the shaped version of Luxilon's iconic ALU Power, one of the most revered strings of the modern tennis era. For our playtest team this five-sided co-poly had the same phenomenal precision and feel of the round version. It also proved to be quite versatile, in that it managed to keep our biggest shots inside the lines while never feeling dead on shorter strokes or volleys (unlike many of the stiffer, traditional polys). Not surprisingly, ALU Power Spin, with its sharp edges and impressive "snapback," earned a near perfect score for spin. Factor in the ultra-predictable response on fast swings, and you have a recipe for explosive topspin and aggressive targeting. As for the downside, our biggest hitter (Andy) broke this admittedly pricey poly a little quicker than usual. Ultimately, though, for the advanced player who wants exceptional command over the ball along with impressive feel for a poly, ALU Power Spin is one of the best options available.