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With players like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic among its huge pro tour following, the ALU Power family of strings is literally the stuff of legend. For this reason our team was excited to test ALU Power Soft, the latest addition to Luxilon's fabled string line. The most noticeable feature of this string was its phenomenal responsiveness and predictability on big swings. Like the best control strings, ALU Power Soft allows the player to attack the ball with confidence. Contrary to its name, however, we didn't find this string to be particularly soft. Granted, it felt a tad friendlier than the standard ALU Power, but it certainly didn't have the elastic feel of a Polyfibre TCS or Tourna Big Hitter Black 7. On the upside, it didn't lose tension and playability as rapidly as those softer co-polys. Ultimately, while it may not be a great "starter poly" for those looking to make the leap to a control string, we think ALU Power Soft is a great option for big hitters who want a very high degree of accuracy when attacking the ball.