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uxilon ALU Power Rough is the textured version of Luxilon's most iconic pro tour string, ALU Power. Actually, the Rough is no slouch either. It has been spotted in the hybrid of three players you may have heard of: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Needless to say, our team was excited to see if this string would live up to its elite pedigree. We strung it as a full bed and immediately discovered something unmistakable on our biggest swings - massive bite and explosive spin. Though none of our players thought ALU Power Rough was dead, there were mixed opinions on the exact power level, with two players finding it quite lively. Control proved more than adequate for unleashing aggressive tennis, though each player had varying levels of success placing the ball. As for comfort, we had zero complaints, despite the firmness of this string. Ultimately, the Rough did its job admirably, giving our team the unique spin-friendly blend of control, snapback and feel that has come to define the Luxilon experience.