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In keeping with the industry trend toward softer polys, Luxilon introduces 4G Soft, a monofilament constructed with Luxilon's highly regarded bundle of proprietary materials. According to our playtesters, Luxilon has delivered on its promise to create a softer version of 4G. However, compared to elastic co-polys like Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 and Gosen Sidewinder, 4G Soft is quite firm, making it more suitable to experienced players with solid mechanics. This helps explain why our advanced playtesters liked the firmer feel of 4G Soft. Not only did it deliver the excellent control and feedback for which firm strings are known, but it did so without conveying excessive shock. As a result, this string gave us the confidence to swing big, which definitely came in handy when we needed to generate extra pace or spin. Ultimately, while 4G Soft may not be ideal for those who want a genuinely soft co-poly, it is a very solid option for strong players looking for a great combination of control and spin.