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Luxilon 4G Rough is the textured version of the standard 4G string, a co-poly made with Luxilon's proprietary blend of seemingly magical ingredients. As with the original 4G, the textured version is designed to give strong players the needed control to unlock their top swing speed. Judging from the control score of our playtest team, the design works, but with the following caveat. One of our playtesters had to restring more frequently because this string became too lively after losing tension. As for the textured surface and its presumed spin benefits, our team reported very easy access to spin. However, we should note that 4G Rough didn't prove decisively more spin-friendly than the smooth 4G. It did, however, play softer than the original, a fact that might make this string more appealing to a wider range of players. One thing seems clear though, this textured co-poly should have more than enough spin potential and precision to satisfy big hitters.