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Luxilon Natural Gut 17L Tennis String (Natural) Details:

  • Gauge: 17L
  • Diameter: 1.20 mm.
  • Composition: Natural Gut
  • Shape: Round
  • Colour: Natural
  • Length: 40 ft. / 12 m.
  • Made in Belgium

One of the most popular brand for polyester strings, Luxilon introduced a natural gut option in 2017. Natural gut has always been the most desired tennis string because of its superior playability, and Luxilon's Natural Gut lives up to the string's history. Made of high quality serosa fibers, Luxilon Natural Gut provides players with exceptional feel while maintaining good string tension. For excellent playability and a quality pairing with your favourite Luxilon Poly, Luxilon Natural Gut is great for bringing the best out of your game.