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String: Sold unstrung.

String Tension: ADVANCED: 21-24; EXPERT: 24-28; PRO : 28-30

Length: 67 cm

Rigidity (RF): 92 EXTRA Stiff

FW: 88 grams 

Area: 362 sq. cm.

Balance: Head heavy

Speed: 9.3

Power: 9.4

Frame: Blended Hex and Uni-Force frame featuring a Hex head and a unique Hex shaft and ferrule. Shaped from Super G Reactive Graphite, using BK’s Thermal Core technology. This racket is normally delivered without a grip installed, in order to best show the Uni-Force features.

Characteristics: The Hex series models use Super G Reactive Graphite in a micro-woven matrix to generate faster frame recovery when flexed. The Hex frame uses its hex angularity for a stiff, aerodynamic cross-section that swings faster and hits harder. The Hex-Force 360 extends this into the unique Hex shaft. The Hex shaft has more lateral stability and resistance to torque than conventional round shafts.