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$54.99 CAD
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The Concorde Hanging Yoga Mat is constructed of PVC material with a webbed design, providing extreme comfort and durability during your Pilates, yoga, fitness workouts, and more. You can easily hang up this mat for easy storage at home, in the gym, at a clinic, or yoga studio. With two reinforced rings, this mat can easily hang on The , or hooks placed 19” apart on the wall.Concorde Hanging Yoga Mat Rack


The Concorde Hanging Yoga Mat features 2 grommets, 19” apart for easy hanging on the Yoga Mat Storage Rack. The mat is made from Pthalate-free PVC material that is easy to clean and antimicrobial. At 68” long x 24” wide x 6 mm thick, this mat is the perfect size for yoga, pilates, fitness training, and stretching.


  • Excellent Support: The PVC material and webbed design allows for extreme grip and support throughout your workout.
  • Efficient: This space saving design features two reinforced rings, so you can effectively hang 28 Yoga Mats (14 on each side) on the Yoga Mat Rack.
  • Multifunctional: A staple in every gym. This mat can be used to help support you through a variety of floor exercises.

Why You Need It:
These Yoga Mats are designed and built to a professional grade quality for both commercial and at home use.

How It Helps:
When finished your workout, these mats easily neatly hang on the Hanging Yoga Mat Rack. With the ability to easily store and display your mat, you will be able to protect and prolong the longevity of the mat, while saving space in your gym.

What You Can Do With It:
This Yoga Mat is comfortable and grippy, making the design great for low-impact exercise, core training, stretching, and much more!


$54.99 CAD

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