FLEXI RING 6" - Marcotte Sports Inc


$7.99 CAD
Available March 6 days

These highly durable flexible diving rings are great for a variety of tossable games and are also weighted and can be used in pools for dive and retrieval.


The Flexible Diving Rings are a staple toy in every pool. You can use the flexible diving rings as a training aid or recreational fun. Simply toss the diving rings in the water and watch them sink. Great for diving retrieval and underwater swimming practice. Available in 4 vibrant colours for high visibility underwater.


  • Vibrant Colours: Available in four rainbow colours; Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.
  • Top Quality: Made of a flexible and durable ribbed vinyl construction, great for all games and type of use.
  • Easy To Grip: Features a ribbed texture surface easy to grip and pickup. 


Why You Need It:

The Flexible Diving Rings are a great way to strengthen your swimming skills through active play.

How It Helps:

The diving rings will help swimming coordination and strength under water. Also a great tool for active play with friends and family. 

What You Can Do With It: 

Toss the Flexible Diving Rings in the pool and watch them sink. Dive and/or swim to collect. Great for all of your active play retrieval games.


$7.99 CAD

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