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Introduce a whole new level of play with this set of 6 rainbow coloured 9” diameter discs. Players can write names of exercises and number of repetitions on discs, and the catcher must perform the required exercise. Discs wipe clean with tissue or dry erase brush. Note: Set does not include erasable marker



Pass It On

The leader will write a different action on each of the Write on Fitness Flyers.

Make a large circle with 6 players inside the circle.  They will start with the Write on Fitness Flyers.  In order to throw the Flyer to a person in the circle, they must call their name and make eye contact.  The person in the circle hears their name and puts their hand straight in the air signalling they have heard and acknowledged their name being called and are waiting for the Flyer. They flyer is thrown. 

All 6 people in the centre can throw at the same time, but must first call out a name and wait for the hand to be put in the air before throwing the flyer.  This is the same when the person in the circle is returning the Flyer to a person in the centre. They must first call to one person and wait for their hand to be raised.  Be as accurate as possible.

Every once in a while, the leader will blow the whistle to stop.  They will call a colour or two and the whole group will perform the activities that are on those Write on Fitness Flyers.  The person who has that colour of Flyer gets to choose the number of reps.


Keep It in the circle

Divide your group in to 6 teams and each team gets a Write on Fitness Flyers.  Either have the team leader write an action on the Flyer or have the teacher do this prior.

Each team has to keep passing the Flyer within its group, in a creative way, until the teacher blows the whistle.  The teacher will then call out a number and everyone in the group must perform the action on their Write on Fitness Flyer the amount of times the teacher has called out.

Once done, someone in the group throws the Flyer to the group to their right and you start from the beginning, but this time you are doing the action on the Flyer that was tossed to you when the teacher blows the whistle


Freeze it (use numbers)

Write a number from 6-20 on each Flyer.

Get the students into 6 groups and give everyone a Flyer.  Within their group, the pass the Flyer around in different ways – regular, opposite hand, under the leg, from behind the back or head

The teacher will randomly call out to switch, this means each group tosses their Flyer to the group to their right. Continue on

When the teacher blows the whistle, you stop and listen for the action the teacher calls out.  Look at your flyer and do the action that many times.


Tips (using numbers)

Write on the Flyers numbers from 1-5

Split the group into 2 teams.  On person throws the Flyer and whatever number is written on the Flyer, that many people need to “Tip” it or keep it off the ground before the last person catches it.



Split students into groups of 4-6 and give each group a set of Flyers and 3 Hoops.  Have them stand a good distance from the 3 hoops arranged in a triangle.

Have each person in the group throw a Flyer to one of the hoops.  They now add up the numbers on the Flyers to get their score.

Get Flyers in the Hoops – add altogether

Get more than one Flyer in a hoop – double those numbers

Flyers that do not make it to the hoops – subtract from the total that are inside the hoops


Imagination Frisbee

Gather in an open area with a divider line down the middle. The group is divided into two even teams and sent to their designated area of the field. The Flyer is thrown to the other team and if the person who attempts to catch it does not make the catch, the other team gives them a penalty.  Penalties could include, jumping jacks, acting like a chicken, making animal noises or singing a song. Penalty points can be added to determine a winner and a second or third Flyer can be added to make the game more challenging.


$59.99 CAD

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