DOUBLE AB WHEEL - Marcotte Sports Inc


$29.99 CAD
Available March 6 days

Use the Concorde Double Ab Wheel to extend your body into a plank position, engaging multiple core and upper body muscles at once. Ab wheels are designed to enhance your balance and stability while improving your strength by rolling out into different directions.


  • Double Wheel: Two non-skid wheels gives you more balance and stability during your workout.
  • Molded Handles: The handles are moulded with finger grips to provide a comfortable workout!
  • Portable and Compact: This lightweight and portable training tool can be used in any home-gym, office, training facility or brought with you on-the-go!

Why You Need It:

The Concorde Double Ab Wheel will help strengthen and tone your entire upper body. Exercising with this unique and fun training tool helps with your balance, stability, concentration and overall strength.

How It Helps:

By rolling out into a plank position with the Concorde Double Ab Wheel, you build and maintain muscular tension through the midsection of your body. Using the ab wheel requires that your core, back and arm muscles work together to properly execute the movement.


$29.99 CAD

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