DINO EGG BALL - Marcotte Sports Inc


$21.99 CAD
Available in 1-3 days or 5-7 days

Made of rubber, and shaped like an egg, these green eggs are great to use as a reaction ball with younger children, or for practicing throwing, rolling and catching irregular shaped objects. Each ball has a diameter of 6" and 8" height.


Crab Kick

Divide the group into two equal-sized teams and have them sit on the floor at opposite ends of the room.  Until children build stamina, have half of the team on the ‘court’ and the other half of the children the cheering squad on the side.  They must jump up and down cheering for their team on the court.  Switch every 3 minutes.

Place a goal at each end and the ball in the center of the room.

When given the signal for play to start, the children must crab walk to the ball and attempt to kick the ball toward their goal and score.

Players must stay in the crab-walk position the entire game. Failure results in the opposing team getting a free kick. 

After a goal is scored, the ball is placed in the center of the play area and the game resumes.

The first team to reach an agreed-upon number of points wins. 


$21.99 CAD

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