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The COREFX Cerakote Crossfit Barbell can handle extreme weight, helping you push your limits and help you crush your goals. Great for new and experienced athletes looking to push their limits and lift some heavy weight.


The COREFX Cerakote Barbell is designed to handle even the toughest workouts, from bodybuilding to Olympic powerlifting. With its steel and Cerakote coated construction it has a strength rating of 190,000 PSI, 1500 lb weight capacity, 1.2 mm knurl, and 8 needle bearings, this bar is designed to endure it all! 

• Durable: Made with a loadable sleeve length of 16.4 inches, this barbell was designed to carry heavy loads for extreme lifting.
• Cerakote Finish: Made with a Cerakote finish for a fresh and timeless look, helping reduce corrosion, abrasions and rusting of the bar.
• Secure Grip: Offers just enough knurl, and a secure grip without any discomfort throughout your squats, presses, and much more!
• Shaft Diameter – 28 mm
• Overall length – 87 inches
• Knurl – 1.2 mm
• Weight – 45 lbs. / 20 KG
• Max Loading Weight – 1500 lbs.