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$84.99 CAD
Available March 6 days

The BOSU® Balance Pods can be used for full-body workouts that improve balance, agility and coordination. The unstable and soft 6.5” inflated fitness domes feature a non-slip base and can be used flat side down or dome side down for more balance challenge.


BOSU® Balance Pods can be used on their own or with other fitness equipment to create an additional challenge of balancing. The pods feature a flat textured bottom, and a dome top that can be used when doing push ups, yoga, squats, planks, and more!


  • High-Quality: The Phthalate free balance pods are extremely durable and built to hold up to 300LB. The high-quality textured non-slip base design prevents slipping. The raised rings on the dome surface also provide added comfort and grip.
  • Versatile and Portable: Use these balance domes, individually, together or in combination with other equipment. The 6.5” diameter domes are lightweight and easy to store in any home, gym, or clinic.
  • Full-Body Workouts: The BOSU® Balance Pods help to improve balance and stability while building strength and agility.

Why You Need It:

Mix up your current workout routine or try new exercises with the BOSU® Balance Pods! These lightweight and durable air-filled domes can be taken with you on-the-go or used in a home gym environment for portable and versatile training.

How It Helps:

The BOSU® Balance Pods are designed to improve body awareness, coordination and dynamic balance. You can use the pods with the flat textured side down for a more stable base. If you want to mix up the experience and results, you can also try the balance pods with the dome side down for an increased balance challenge.

What You Can Do With It:

You can use the pods to support your hands, feet, knees, or glutes during a workout routine. The BOSU® Balance Pods can be used on their own in a variety of exercises such as lunges, push ups, planks, squats, and more! You could also challenge your existing workout routine by combining the balance pods with additional equipment. This will add an element of instability and balance training to a variety of exercises. If you are looking for a cardio routine, try using the balance pods as markers for an agility workout!


$84.99 CAD

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