ALPHABALLS - Marcotte Sports Inc


$88.24 CAD
Available March 6 days

This is a gorgeous and fun set of 26 vinyl multi-colored balls that feature a letter of the alphabet printed on them (in both upper and lower case). This set is a great tool to get kids thinking about language and movement. Each ball measures 2.5 diameter and weighs 36 grams.


Cats in the Corner

  • Mark off square play area.
  • The ball roller will be in the center of the square.
  • There are safe zones at each of the corners where all the players called 'Cats' will be.
  • When the bowler calls "Cats In The Corner", the Cats have to run from one corner to another without getting hit by the rolling ball on your feet.
  • They can go any direction including diagonal as long as they do not get hit.
  • Any player hit by the ball is out and goes into the center to be a ball bowler
  • If you have a large group, you can have several balls and a couple bowlers


    $88.24 CAD

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