6" SPONGE DICE - Marcotte Sports Inc


$25.40 CAD
Available March 6 days

The Sponge Dice are soft, safe and lightweight foam dice that can be tossed, thrown, stacked or rolled in daycares, classrooms, family games or yard games. They are composed of high quality sponge foam with a PU covering for protection and durability. Available in 6″ individual or a set of six rainbow 3.5″ dice.


These jumbo game sponge dice can be used for board games, yard games, hopscotch, teaching activities and more! The material is lightweight and safe for all ages.


  • Safe & Durable: Each game die is made of bright coloured sponge foam with a PU covering for protection and durability. The lightweight foam is not only safe, but easy to throw, toss, roll and catch.
  • Individual and Set Options: Choose from a single 6” yellow game die, or a set of six 3.5” rainbow coloured dice.
  • Portable and Versatile: These dice can be used at daycares, gyms, classrooms, home, or for on-the-go. Children love throwing, stacking, and catching the dice, while adults can use the sponge dice for backyard games and other social games.

Why You Need It:

These large foam replacement game dice can be used indoors or outdoors to replace current game dice or add to your collection.

How It Helps:

The lightweight, safe and protected sponge foam helps keep the player and surroundings safe. The dice are jumbo size which allows the amount to be easily seen from a distance. This is helpful for youth learning counting or elderly who need visual assistance.

What You Can Do With It:

You can toss, roll, throw, stack and catch the Sponge Dice. Use on their own for various dice games, math activities, or combine with a board game, yard game, hopscotch and more.


$25.40 CAD

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