Technical Analysis


Video technical analysis is a complementary tool for players looking to improve their techniques, whether for serve, forehand, backhand, movement etc etc ...
Here's how we're going to make sure your game is up to par using the videos you send us.
A good way to do this for videos would be to have someone else film you while performing your shots, using a tripod with a mount for your camera or smartphone would be very helpful.

For the service :
You must perform a minimum of 20 serves, with different angles: front, back and side views (left, right) 5 serves from each angle.

For forehand and backhand:
Let us know what you would like to improve: spin, power, change of direction of the ball etc ...
In order to be able to evaluate your forehand, you must send us a video of your forehand, minimum of 50 strokes. It would be important that your strikes are taken from multiple angles.

The forehand and backhand volley:
Have your partner stand at the back of the field so they can throw a series of about 30 balls at you. Move the camera around so that you can analyze your shots on the fly from different angles. You need to stand about 1 meter from the net in order to execute the volleys.

For the smash:
Still with the help of your partner, ask them to send you a series of about 20 balls. Important to change the direction of your smashes for a full analysis.

For the forehand and backhand return serve:
Your partner should serve you a series of 10 balls, on the side of your forehand and also on your backhand. Change the angle of the camera for optimal analysis.