About Us

Marcotte Sports Inc is a family enterprise established in Canada, since 2004. The sports boutique bears the image of our family: friendly, professional and open to the needs of our clients.

The existence of our boutique is in direct link to our passion for tennis and racquet sports which runs in our family since the last 15 years. The idea to open a sport shop has matured since many years and it was in 2004 that the adventure started. We decided that the moment had come to start our business.

In the last 5 years, Marcotte Sports has taken a great expansion and is selling worldwide through Internet. We now have a web site as a new sales outlet.

Marcotte Sports has a mission: let the international racquet sport enthusiasts discover tennis, squash, badminton, racquetball and pickleball.

We have many fields of action:

  • Offer to schools, municipalities and associations a variety of OEM manufacturers certified and holographed products at a very competitive price.
  • To offer recreational and competitive players a complete information package in order to make a better choice according to their needs and budget.

We wish to thank our faithful customers for their patronage during all those years.

François Marcotte