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Available March 6 days

he OSAKA EZONE was designed in collaboration with Naomi Osaka and her sister Mari Osaka. The OSAKA EZONE is an added cosmetic to the 7th-generation EZONE series, which is crafted for power and comfort. The Yonex EZONE 100 continues to play with great maneuverability, power, comfort, and speed.

Updated with a new frame design and layup, the Yonex EZONE 100 continues to excel. The new shaft design has a thicker shaft structure with a convex design to reduce racquet torque on off-centered shots and improve stability. Combined with the classic isometric head shape give the Yonex EZONE 100 has impressive power.

The Aero Shaped Design of the racquet provides a plush feel thanks to its tapered design with a thinner frame face creating a softer feeling racquet despite the racquet's flex in the mid-'60s. As players play through shot impact Yonex's Oval Pressed Shaft flexes at impact for increased ball dwell time on the string bed.

The Yonex EZONE 100 has a frame layup made of High Modulus Graphite, 2G-NAMD Speed, and Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM). The H.M. Graphite and 2G-NAMD Speed graphite provide enhanced feel and response for players while also improving overall speed.

VDM, a stretchy mesh material wrapped around the racquet handle's inner graphite, filters unwanted vibrations making the Yonex EZONE 100 a very comfortable racquet from the baseline and net. A great racquet for both singles and doubles, the Yonex EZONE 100's maneuverability and power let you dominate the court. 

Yonex Osaka EZONE 100 (2022) Tennis Racquet Specs:

  • Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm.
  • Length: 27 in.
  • Strung Weight: 11.2 oz. / 318 g.
  • Unstrung Weight: 10.6 oz. / 300 g.
  • Strung Balance: 4 Pts. Head Light
  • Swingweight: 317
  • Flex: 67
  • Beam Width: 23.8 mm / 26.5 mm / 22.5 mm
  • Composition: H.M. Graphite, M40X
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
  • Recommended String Tension: 45 - 60 lbs.
  • Grip: Yonex Synthetic
  • Product Code: 22EZONE100NO



$329.95 CAD

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