Tour BLX Paddle
Tour BLX Paddle

Tour BLX Paddle

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Wilson Tour BLX Pickleball Paddle Technical Specifications 
Weight Average: 8.7 oz per manufacturer 
Weight Range: 8.5-8.8. We are unable to provide exact weights due to manufacturer packaging 
Grip Circumference: 4 1/8" (Small) 
Grip Style: Perforated thin cushion 
Grip Manufacturer: Wilson Cushion-Aire perforated grip 
Grip Length: 5" 
Paddle Length: 15 3/8" 
Paddle Width: 7 3/4" 
Paddle Face: Graphite with basalt fibers 
Core Material: Wilson Power Comb

Wilson Tour BLX Paddle

The Wilson Tour BLX paddle has a basalt fiber weave facing material. No other pickleball paddle uses basalt in it's facing. We at believe basalt fiber weave is very similar to graphite in weight and performance and therefore classify the Tour as a graphite paddle. 

Wilson has long been making tennis rackets for decades and is able to transfer some of it's cutting edge technology into its emerging pickleball brand. The basalt fiber weave is one example of advanced technology, but the way the paddle is decorated is unlike any other pickleball manufacturer. We believe Wilson is using a special coating on the woven paddle face that is extraordinarily strong and wear resistant. The paddle faces on all the Wilson paddles have a metallic sheen to them. The Tour BLX is a very polished beautiful pickleball paddle.

There's serious high quality feel to the paddle that is unique from other paddles. 

Many parts of the paddle are traditional. It has a black edge guard, honeycomb interior that appears to be a high density, small cell size Nomex, and a grip with cushion and perforation for moisture control.