Sweet Spot Trainer BA-SST Strung

Sweet Spot Trainer BA-SST Strung

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Badminton Sweet Spot Success

Learn to always hit on the sweet spot, and force your concentration to a higher level with the new Sweet Spot Trainer (SST) from Black Knight.

The sweet spot of the SST is the same distance from your hand as the sweet spot of a standard 67 cm racquet, so that you will use your natural swing and timing. However, the SST’s head is much smaller, and the result is immediate bio-feedback if you miss the sweet spot. Heighten your concentration as you master hitting on the sweet spot every time. Go back to your usual racquet and be amazed at the improvement.

A coach’s feedback:

“I've had a chance to use a Sweet Spot Trainer. My players get a kick out of it as do my coaches and club members. I used it for a few matches at club and I can't believe how much it forces you to concentrate on hitting the shot. I'm surprised by the amount of speed and power that comes off of it too. It can be a valuable tool in training players of all levels.  I’d like to get 3 more - Whatever the cost may be, I'll accept it. 4 of those trainers would make for interesting in-game training when both singles or all 4 doubles/mixed players are using them at once.”