PURE STRIKE LITE - Marcotte Sports Inc
PURE STRIKE LITE - Marcotte Sports Inc
PURE STRIKE LITE - Marcotte Sports Inc




  • Category : Performance
  • String Pattern : 16/19
  • Length : 685
  • Weight : 9.5oz / 270g
  • Smart racquets : Requires adaptor
  • Head size : 645
  • Balance point : 330
  • Beam Width : 21/23/21
  • Swingweight : 270
  • Stiffness (RDC index) : 70
  • Feature : Control, All-round, Power,Stability and Comfort
  • Color : Orange, White
  • Type of product : Tennis racket
  • Brand : Babolat
  • Pros : Alize Cornet, Dominic Thiem, Samantha Stosur

The new Pure Strike Lite is designed for beginners and intermediate players who don't want to compromise on the quality of their weapon. It is made for striker players who speed up the ball & need responsiveness to increase their precision. An optimized string pattern with wider spacing of the crosses provides more power, while Hybrid Frame Technology gives you the unique combination of power and control. Wider beam sections in the throat and at 3/9/12 o’clock enhances precision and increases stability at ball impact. This racquet has a rather rigid frame that will not move much at impact. That will provide very lively but controlled strokes. The headsize of 100 sq. in. is very tolerant to off-center shots but still makes that racquet very precise and maneuvrable, particularly at the net and at the service line. The well balanced 270g. allow the player to feel real stability when hitting the ball, which will promote control without making any compromises on power and ball speed. Finally, the string pattern 16 x 19 is the perfect balance between power, control and spin potential. This racquet is used on the professional tours by Dominic Thiem (Austria) and Alizé Cornet (France) - in the 16x19 version.



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