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  • Category : Performance
  • String Pattern : 16/19
  • Length : 685 mm/27 in
  • Weight : 270 g/9.5 oz
  • Smart racquets : Requires adaptor
  • Head size : 645 cm2/100 sq. in
  • Balance point : 330
  • Beam Width : 23/26/23
  • Swingweight : 311
  • Stiffness (RDC index) : 71
  • Feature : Power,Stability and Comfort
  • Color : Black, Yellow
  • Type of product : Tennis racket
  • Brand: babolat

The Pure Aero Lite is the lightest (270g) and most accessible racquet of the Pure Aero series. It boasts a speedy aerodynamic beam along with impressive levels of stability, plow-through and comfort for a modern player's racquet. There’s also some serious power to be had for those who can swing this stick fast. Armed with FSI Spin Technology the Pure Aero features wider spacing between the crosses for increased ball bite. Babolat has also enlarged some of the grommet holes, allowing the strings to absorb more vibration and snap the ball out of the stringbed with extra RPMs. This is why Babolat calls it "The Spin Machine". From the backcourt this racquet feels very solid and stable. In addition to the solid feel, the Pure Aero produces a great combination of pace and spin on full swings. At net, the Pure Aero feels solid, accurate and lively, and it has more than enough put-away power for ending points with authority. Babolat has made some impressive tweaks to one of the game’s iconic player’s racquets. The combination of spin and pop should prove very dangerous in the right hands. The extra plow-through and comfort is a very nice bonus. This the racquet used by Rafa Nadal and Genie Bouchard on the Pro Tours - in the standard 300g version.