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The Hyperice Hypersoothe can be used before/ after physical activity, or during a massage treatment for fast and effective relief! This fresh fragrant topical cream is infused with essential oils and natural plant extracts that is used to help soothe the body’s muscles and joints.


The The Hypersoothe is made of all natural products: Peppermint oil to cool, Aloe and Nettle to soothe, Lavender and Chamomile to calm, Coconut Oil to moisturize and nourish, Sweet Almond Oil to soften skin, and Tea Tree Oil to disinfect and purify.


  • Effective: Made with essential oils and natural plant extracts providing a number of benefits for the skin and sore muscles and joints. 
  • Top Quality: Made with all natural ingredients and free of parabens, for ultimate muscle relief.

Why You Need It:
It’s time to say goodbye to nagging aches and sore muscles! The Hypersoothe can combat sore muscles and joints, keeping you active throughout your day, and allowing you to reach your fitness goals. 

How It Helps:
Hyperice Hypersoothe provides a soothing experience for sore muscles and joints with its  all-natural ingredients. 

What You Can Do With It:
The soothing cream can be applied throughout the day, during therapy treatment, and before or after physical activity.