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The Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth® features 60W Power with 5 head attachments. These include a flat, cushion, fork, bullet, and ball attachment which can be used interchangeably for a customized massage to help you Move Better.


The Hypervolt Bluetooth®  device can be connected through HyperSmart™ technology, where the speed can automatically adjust when following along with a guided massage on the Hyperice app. This technology effortlessly creates an experience customized to your needs by combining your physical and digital activity. As this technology is used and becomes familiar with you, it compares stats from your connected apps with your Hyperice device usage to find the best routines for you. 

*Compatible with Apple IOS in the App Store. Android availability coming soon!

*Hypervolt is FINAL SALE

*1 year warranty 


  • Top Quality: Made of a durable yet lightweight ergonomic design that allows you to activate, soothe, or loosen muscles on-the-go.
  • Innovative Technology: Features Quiet Glide ™ technology offering you an optimal massage without the noise. 
  • Control Your Hypervolt Plus : Connect your device to HyperSmart™ technology and experience guided massage routines led by professionals. 
  • Maximum Vibration: Provides three adjustable speed settings and a high-torque 60 W motor to suit your specific needs.
  • Pressure Sensor: Built in pressure sensor provides visual feedback throughout your massage process, ensuring a more accurate therapeutic session.
  • Ultimate Battery Life: Up to 3 hours of use per charge. 


Why You Need It:
The Hypervolt Bluetooth® allows you to connect to Strava and Apple Health where you can track your fitness journey such as your daily activity, warmup, and recovery. This information will then provide you with recommendations for routines based on your movement. 

How It Helps:
Provides you with 3 speed settings (30Hz ,40Hz, 53Hz) delivering up to 3200 percussions per minute. These speed variations offer you different options for your recovery process, letting you decide the appropriate amount of pressure needed to help relieve muscle pain

What You Can Do With It:
Follow along as the world’s best athletes, physiotherapists, and trainers guide you through exclusive routines with personal tips and tricks to help you feel your best.