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  • Category : Performance
  • String Pattern : 16/19
  • Length : 685
  • Weight : 260
  • Head size : 340
  • Balance point : 330
  • Beam Width : 22/25/23
  • Stiffness (RDC index) : 65
  • Feature : Power,Stability and Comfort
  • Color : Blue, Orange
  • Type of product : Tennis racket
  • Brand : Head

This new Graphene 360 Radical Lite comes with the new Graphene 360 technology and is the lightest of the Radical series. That being said, this racket is nonetheless very solid and well balanced. It is designed for beginners, intermediate players or juniors that are ready to pass on an adult size racket. Adding Graphene 360 (fourth generation of Graphene), the most durable and lightweight material in the world, contributes to its stability at impact. Our testers also noticed better vibration dampening properties for this new weapon. The headsize is a little larger (102 sq. in.) than standard rackets and allows more tolerance on off center shots. Above all, the Radical Lite is a control racket offering a very high degree of precision, but it also provides an adequate level of power, since it allows fast swings with its 260g weight. Its 16x19 string pattern also provides good potential for spin. At net, the maneuverability of this racket is extraordinary while at the service line, it will allow you to hit hard to reach targets with a reasonable power level and spin potential.