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  • Length (in) : 16
  • Weight (oz) : 7.2
  • Color options : not-applicable
  • Brand : Head
  • Color : Green
  • Type of product : Pickleball paddle
Brand new for 2019 the Head Extreme Lite green with diamond control shape is now the lightest version available in the Extreme Series. Head's control stabilizer technology optimizes the torsional stability of even the lightest paddles. A specially engineered weight distribution system reduces vibrations, which results in optimal precision with great feel and touch. With a graphite hitting surface to offer a superior feel and increased control for even the competitive player. The lightweight graphite surface provides the paddle with a reactive nature creating excellent pop on the ball while maintaining incredible touch. With the added extreme spin texture the paddle offers better bite on the ball for increased spin and control. Head's engineers have perfected their optimized tubular core (made of polypropylene honeycomb) to create perfect playability, feel and sound suited for all levels of play.