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  • Category : Performance
  • String Pattern : 16/19
  • Length : 685
  • Weight : 255
  • Smart racquets : Requires adaptor
  • Head size : 645
  • Balance point : 330
  • Beam Width : 22,5/25,5/23
  • Stiffness (RDC index) : 72
  • Feature : Power,Stability and Comfort
  • Color : Blue
  • Type of product : Tennis racket
  • Brand : Babolat

The Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite is the lightest (255g.) version of the classic Pure Drive. It offers incredible maneuverability while remaining an extremely powerful racquet with the potential for very high spin. It is ideal for players of all levels, the handling of this racquet being very easy. This racquet allows players to quickly improve their game. Updated with Babolat's new HTR System, the graphite layup has been re-engineered for higher torsional rigidity, resulting in more efficient energy transfer to the ball. To help soak up the harsher vibrations of this racquet's stiff construction, Babolat has devoted more real estate in the Pure Drive's shaft to SWX Pure Feel, a thin and extremely flexible viscoelastic rubber that sits between the carbon layers. This racquet still features the FSI technology, which tightens the 16x19 string pattern and accentuate control and precision. It also features the new SMAC technology that inserts visco elastic fibers into the frame for dampening properties. Like all Pure Drives, it offers easy access to spin. From the baseline, it is very effective and can easily overwhelm the opponent by finding a wide variety of angles. At net, the maneuverability of the racquet allows very quick adjustments. Faithful to the rest of the Pure Drive series, the Team is a very effective racquet from all areas of the court. Racquet model used by Fabio Fognini (ITA) Garbine Muguruza and (SPA), in the regular version.